Patio Makeover Ideas, Tips & Pictures

Brilliant sunshine streams through your dining room window; you pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee and decide to enjoy it outside – on your patio. You inhale deeply as you step outside, taking a moment to drink in the freshness of the crisp morning air and then…you look at your patio. How is it that the decor looks so uninspired? So tired? The flowered pattern on that recliner is beyond faded. Did those eclectic pastel flower pots ever look close to cool? Even your adored cat is looking a little dingy on that faded white rocker.

Your backyard patio needs a makeover. Fear not, you can pour your imaginative energy into a worthy landscaping project, creating an serene outdoor space. We are brimming with ideas for your landscape and have 5 tips to help you conduct a patio makeover.

Sketch Your Space

All designers begin with a sketch. (Yes, this means you.) Take a hour or so with an A4-size piece of graph paper, a ruler, and a pencil. Sketch out (to a rough scale) where you want what kind of furniture and garden ornaments. If you plan on eating al fresco all summer long, make sure that you measure out space for a sturdy dining table and chairs. If you want a space for a chaise lounge or two, in the shade, sketch it in. Before you head out to buy your fabulous furniture, tape out – stay with us – where everything will be positioned.

The flow of motion among your defined groups of furniture is key to building a comfortable space.This graph paper sketch and taping project are the foundation of your design, helping you to make sure that every piece you buy has a space and a purpose.

Design Using Textures and Depth

Bring in different textures and shapes that add liveliness and warmness. You put together an amazing dining room, right? A living room that rocks? Repeat those same principles here: traditional, modern or eclectic.

How about an obelisk? Perhaps made from cast stone or wrought iron? Or an understated planter? A piece of stone garden art that can withstand the outdoor elements will be the feature that wows your friends. Adding a patio awning is the ultimate in design unification, bringing your design together under a physical roof.

Celebrate Nature

Greenery. Stones. Herbs. A successful patio design does not look like you’ve moved an entire room outside. The idea is that you bring comfort and function to a space that celebrates the outdoors.

Design is all about repetition. Pick the colors for your furniture to compliment your flowers – the elegant Robin’s Egg blue in your country style chairs will shine next to Blue Daisies that sit among authentic stone. Functionality rules too! Planting a container herb garden close to your grilling area is clever and visually appealing.

Container gardening is an art. Free your imagination and choose containers that speak to your personal style and taste, whether they are over-sized terracotta pots around a vegetable garden or small and stylish vases on a classical English patio.

Unify your design

Your final step in bringing together the look you’ve created is to decorate; to artfully place some well-chosen accessories and ornaments. It is important not to overdo accessories, so that they don’t crowd your carefully planned look. That said, a well-placed wrought-iron side table, or a cast stone bird bath or two can consolidate your design. Remember, accessorizing is about adding elements, but also about taking elements away.

Get Elemental

Water. Fire. These basic elements in nature can be reflected in your patio space. Close your eyes and imagine the sound of trickling water from an elegant centerpiece: a stone fountain. A side garden featuring a small bird bath, or a koi pond can lend a new dimension to your space. Keeping in mind that a fire pit needs to be placed carefully to ensure safety, imagine sitting out on peaceful night, a slight chill in the air after the sun has gone down and being warmed by the flickering flames. Perfect.

Your patio should be a welcoming space. A space for reading your morning paper while you sip freshly brewed coffee. A space where you can grill steak and vegetables for your family. (Hey, you planted some dill in that herb garden, right?) A space where you can host a party and serve lip-smacking summer Sangria to your friends. A space where you can smoke a late night cigar and lose yourself in the night sky. Get outside and enjoy the good life outdoors with a beautiful new patio by following these makeover tips.

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