Garden Ornaments in Toronto

Based near Toronto, Beyond the Veranda offers a large selection of luxury garden ornaments by Haddonstone. Delivery and installation of these pieces is available to residents and professional contractors located in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Cast stone garden ornaments are elegant, refined choices for any type or style of exterior or interior space. The most impressive stone designs provide the ultimate in craftsmanship, by offering designers, landscapers and homeowners access to artistry that is virtually unparalleled. If you’re searching for lawn ornaments that are truly a cut above, you’ll find that Haddonstone has a range of signature designs and collections that include antique-inspired elements which evoke emotion and bring beauty to any form of outdoor design, from patios to backyards and courtyards.

Today, garden ornaments are available in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials. Stone garden accents remain the best and most traditional choice for bringing a sense of emotion and artistry to a landscape design. The best way to select these ornaments is by matching the available styles and materials with your personal style and current garden design. Whether you love a more contemporary look like the Bay Planter or classically-influenced styles that recall the beauty of the most applauded English gardens (see our statues), you’ll find a design that gives you the look and mood that you’re after.

History of Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments were used in Ancient Rome, so they’ve been around for a very long time. In fact, some antique examples of these decorative works of stone were excavated from the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. During the Italian Renaissance, they became central design elements in outdoor landscapes. Since that time period, preferences in lawn ornaments have evolved. Today, elements of kitsch (cutesy style) are quite common. However, high art influences are still very prevalent.

As you can see, for centuries, men and women have sought to make their outdoor worlds more pleasing to the eye, through the addition of sophisticated or playful decorations. These days, the old influences continue to provide inspiration for the most well-known designers of the modern age.

Asian countries were also home to stunning garden accents that are mimicked today. For example, classical Chinese gardens were often adorned with Chinese scholar’s rocks. Today, many home owners add beauty to their exterior environments by adding rock gardens into the mix.


When it comes to creating a focal point that draws the eye and pleases the senses, choosing a stylish cast stone planter and beautiful flowers to go with it is an excellent strategy. You may choose stone, glazed ceramics, fiberglass, terracotta or metal. All containers have their pros and cons, so it’s important to consider the properties of the type and material of each container before making a final decision about what is best for your situation.

Things to think about as you select the right planter include the weight of the piece, its price and whether or not the material is able to last your climate. Some planters come unfinished, while others, such as glazed ceramics, are very shiny, vibrant and colorful.


If you love the look and sound of rushing water, you’re not alone. That’s why so many people choose to add centerpiece fountains to their outdoor spaces. These accents provide incredible drama, without being over the top. Like most ornaments, fountains come in sleek, modern styles or traditional, classically-inspired designs. Styles of garden fountains include self-circulating, wall and tiered. Water features of this type vary widely in price, and typically require professional installation.

Garden Statues

Garden statues feature depictions of people or animals and many designs are replicas of family sculptures from ancient times. If statues or men, women and animals don’t really suit your style, consider more modern and abstract designs that are crafted from stone or metal. You may find mass-produced statues for gardens, but cast stone ornaments are longer lasting and make a great investment as the more weathered and aged they are, the more they can be worth.

Enjoy Comfort and Style with the Right Garden Furniture

If you want to add seating arrangements to your courtyard, garden or other landscape, you will find that wrought-iron and cast stone designs fit the bill perfectly. There are many different types of garden furniture available including benches, garden tables and seats. Scale your requirements to your budget. If you don’t have a lot to spend, choose basic designs that don’t have a lot of embellishments. If you’re willing to pay more for top quality, then choose handcrafted designs that are produced by skilled artisans such as those made by Haddonstone.

Looking for quality garden ornaments in Toronto for an interior or exterior design project? Browse through our extensive collection of statues, planters, fountains and more and then get in touch with us to discuss you project’s requirements.

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