Cast Stone Garden Statues in Toronto

Beyond The Veranda is a provider of premium quality cast stone garden statues located in Toronto, Ontario. Our extensive collection of handcrafted creations by Haddonstone can be delivered and installed by our team of landscaping professionals for projects located around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Canada.

Many people consider statues to be one of the highest forms of art. Sure, we appreciate a vibrant oil painting with a blue theme that reminds us of the clearest starry night or with a yellow theme which makes us think of the sunflowers that grow against the grey walls of a garden shed. But it is the stone statue appearing suddenly in an English garden that makes our eyes grow a bit wider, our heart beat a little faster and our mouth open just a little.

A Historic Art Form

It may well be our history as humans that draw us to small concrete statues of men and women who once walked among us. Human beings have made statues since the early days of civilization. Travelers to the vibrant land of Egypt will not soon forget their first sighting of the Great Sphinx of Giza, thought to be finished between the years 2558-2432 BC. It rises from the ancient sands as a cat would, its front appendages stretching out before it, its serene demeanor emanating out into the desert. Breathtaking.

The early Egyptians were not the only people to leave us stunning sculptures; it seems it is in our nature to give physical form to the people, animals or spirits that we want to celebrate. The Greeks gave us Venus de Milo. It stands in the Louvre and is seen by millions of people every year.

The statue continues to be an artistic way for people and cultures to express their gratitude to a deity or admiration of the ideas of a particular man or woman. The Amitabha Buddha in Ibaraki, Japan for example stands 260 feet tall and reigns over all in its sight.

The modern garden statue lets us bring a part of our rich history as humans to our landscaping design. The The Royal Horticultural Society of Briton has recently decreed that even the lowly backyard garden gnome is now allowed to be part of the Chelsea Flower Show.


A sculptor chooses their medium instinctively. It may be a large grey stone with streaks of white running through it that appeals to them, or the flexibility of using cast stone. An old wooden box filled with glittering glass might be another source of inspiration. Glass, cement, wood, bronze, natural stone, cast stone, stainless steel and more are a few of the more common materials used to craft garden sculptures.

Types of Garden Statues

A traditional statue is usually of a human, animal, or spirit and is typically portrayed in its full form. Busts on the other hand depict the head or top portion of a human or animal. There are many creative techniques being developed in the field of sculpture creation, and the concept has expanded, or exploded, far beyond its traditional roots.

A garden sculpture could be made out of recycled wine bottle that has been refashioned into the likeness of a brilliant lemon tree, or an old-fashioned crab apple tree of the variety that are found on old farm lands in colder climates. A bulky piece of wood could be carved to resemble a popular historical or mythological figure. These rustic wooden sculptures are often painted in bold colors so that they stand out in the midst of your eclectic country style garden.

Get in touch with us today if you are looking for a trusted provider of cast stone garden statues in Toronto. Our knowledge, experience and products make an excellent pairing with any landscaping project.

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